in-Dee is an online marketplace for retail businesses and service providers in Bridport & its surrounding areas. Whether large or small, if a business has a product or service that can be sold or booked online, in-Dee is here to assist them in reaching the their customer…!

in-Dee is here to showcase all that Bridport and its surrounding areas can offer. SHOP LOCAL, SHOP in-Dee

We have tried to make it as simple as we can. First fill out the information here and start entering your business details. After you have submitted your details you will be taken to your very own dashboard where you can start selling your products online.

in-Dee will grow organically. Most businesses will suit the platform. Cafe, restaurants, takeaway, craft shops, clothes shops, greengrocers, butchers, hairdressers, learning courses, driving courses, fishing trips, events, days out, the list of suitable businesses is endless. One thing they will all have in common though is each business is local to Bridport and its surrounding area.

Once you have set up an account you can sell your products. From a pair of socks to a motor yacht, you can book out your meeting rooms, your survival course, your beekeeping day, you lecture at a community centre, a table at your restaurant or cafe, your hairdressers chair. Customers can allocate who they want to go fishing with, who will cut their hair, who will give them a massage, where at want time they shall eat their local cooked locally sourced meal.

Once you have got an understanding how this platform works you see its endless possibilities. If you get stuck at any point help will be in hand to get your shop up and running on the in-Dee platform.

Membership plan Operation populate is a free to use with these benefits:

  • 12 months plan
  • no limits to the amount of products sold
  • no limits to the amount of products added
  • no limits to the amount of appointments made
  • no commission
  • no monthly fees
  • online support
  • free to use

Yes you can cancel your membership. Once cancelled your shop will be deactivated. Allow 72 hours for this process to take effect.

Yes you can. To upload your shop may seem a daunting prospect but we can assist you in its process. If you get stuck at any point. Like how to create variables of your products or how to implement your shipping cost. We are here to help. We are open Monday – Friday 9.00 – 3.00.

If you just want us to do the whole upload and data entry for you please get in contact and we can quote you for this. Quotes can include photography of your products, design of your logo, labels for packaging/product or your very own e-commerce shop let us know and we can tailor an individual package for you.


Just let us know what the categories are and we will get them added for you so you can list you product or service. Email